Paw & Skin Repair For Dogs - 60 mL

Paw & Skin Repair For Dogs

Size: 60 mL


NaturPet’s PAW & SKIN is a wonderful lick safe cream for dogs only! (Sorry Kitties!) Icy cold snow, road salt, and gravel along with hot summer asphalt or beach sand can really be hard on your dog’s paws. PAW & SKIN is a light, quickly absorbed cream perfect for those cracked paws and brittle paws. It is also great for hot spots! Trim hair in area of wound to keep clean. Good grooming is an essential part of good paw care. For other skin irritations, try HEALING SPRAY. It is an all natural antiseptic that promotes healing of cuts and scrapes.

Suggested Use

Dosing: For paws, hot spots and other skin irritations: Apply as needed to clean, dry skin or pads 3 or 4 times daily until healed. Lick Safe! Love on your pet – take preventative action and maintain paw health by applying once a week.

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