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Vanilla Lean Whey Protein - 454 g

Vanilla Lean Whey Protein

Size: 454 g


Get lean and stay lean with LeanWhey!

A proprietary blend of pure, micro ultra-filtered, low- temperature process high quality whey proteins, LeanWhey™ is sugar-free and super low calorie.


  • High quality blend of micro ultra-filtered whey protein concentrates & isolates
  • All-natural whey protein powder for people of all ages & fitness levels
  • Best-tasting high-quality whey protein powder in Canada
  • Higher protein & less fat than eggs, cheese & meat
  • Effective appetite satisfier & metabolic regulator
  • Easy to digest & well-absorbed protein source
  • Fortified with protein-digesting enzymes
  • Low calorie, low fat & low carbohydrate
  • No sugar, artificial flavours or colours
  • Natural lean muscle builder
  • Made with natural flavours
  • Delicious & convenient
  • Safe for diabetics
  • Mixes instantly
  • Gluten-Free


whey protein concentrate, coca powder, natural cream flavour, natural chocolate flavour, xanthan gum, stevia, whey protein isolate, papain, bormelain, lipase, anylase, cellulase, protease

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