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Selenium 200mcg - 60 vcaps

Selenium 200mcg

Size: 60 vcaps


Selenium is a natural antioxidant that delays the oxidation of polyunsaturated fatty acids and preserves the elasticity of tissue. Selenium is required for the production of certain prostaglandins, which promote healthy blood flow. In synergy with vitamin E, selenium promotes healthy growth and fertility, and improves the function of certain energy producing cells. Selenium also provides support for the immune system.

  • Selenium  protects  normal  cell  function  by  supporting the  body’s  natural  defenses  and  scavenging  harmful  free radicals
  • Selenium  is  a  natural  antioxidant that  delays  the  oxidation  of  polyunsaturated  fatty  acids and preserves the elasticity of tissue
  • Promotes healthy blood flow.
  • In  synergy  with  vitamin E,  selenium  promotes  healthy  growth  and  fertility,  and improves  the  function  of  certain  energy  producing  cells.
  • Selenium  also  plays  a  role  in  the  synthesis  of  thyroid hormones and immune function.
Medicinal Ingredients: (per capsule): Selenium (Selenomethionine)
200 mcg

Non-Medicinal Ingredients: Hypo-allergenic plant cellulose,
Hydroxy propyl methylcellulose, Purified water, Ascorbyl palmitate.

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