Prenatal Easymulti - 60 sgels

Prenatal Easymulti

Size: 60 sgels


You want what’s best for you and your baby. In one softgel a day, Prenatal Easymulti is a comprehensive multivitamin for pregnant and nursing mothers and those trying to conceive. It features a complete range of vitamins, minerals and DHA for a healthy mother and child. Prenatal Easymulti is recognized by the Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada, the leading authority on reproductive health care that produces national clinical guidelines for both public and medical education on important women’s health issues.


  • Superior Nutrient Absorption™
  • Complete support for mother and baby before, during, and after pregnancy
  • Fetal brain and eye development
  • Folic acid reduces the risk of neural tube defects
  • Iron maintains your energy in an easily-absorbed form

Medicinal Ingredients (per softgel)

Vitamin/e A (Palmitate/ Palmitate) - 756 mcg/2500 IU

Vitamin/eD3 (Cholecalciferol/cholécalciférol) - 15 mcg/600 IU

Vitamin/e E (d-alpha tocopherol/d-alpha tocophérol) - 40.2 mg/60 IU

Vitamin/ K1 (Phytonadione/phytonadione) - 90 mcg

Vitamin/e C (Ascorbic Acid/acide ascorbique) - 85 mg

Vitamin/e B-i (Thiamine HCI/chlorhydrate de thiamine) - 5.6 mg

Vitamin/e B-2 (Riboflavin/riboflavine) 5.6 mg

Vitamin/e B-6 (Pyridoxine HCI/chlorhydrate de pyridoxine) - 7.6 mg

Vitamin/ B-12 (Methylcobalamin/méthylcobalamine) - 2.6 mg

Vitamin/e B-3 (Niacinamide) - 36 mg

Pantothenic acid (d-Calcium Pantothenate) / Acide panthoténique (d-panthoténique de calcium) - 5 mg

Folate (Folic Acid/Acide folique) - 400 mcg

Iron (I) bisglycinate/diglycinate de fer (Il) - 16 mg

Fish Oil / Huile de poisson - 600 mg

EPA (Eicosapentaenoic acid) Omega-3/AEP (acide eicosapentanoïque), oméga-3 10% - 60 mg

DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid) Omega-3/ADH (acide docosahexanoïque), oméga-3 50% - 300 mg

Copper (Cupric citrate)/Cuivre (citrate cuprique) - 1 mg

Zinc (citrate) - 11 mg 

Manganese (citrate)/Manganèse - 2 mg

lodine (Potassium iodide)/lode (iodure de potassium) -  220 mcg

Chromium (Chromium HVP Chelate)/Chrome (chélaté de PVH) - 30 mcg

Choline (Choline Bitartrate)/Choline (bitartrate de choline) - 50 mg

Selenium (Selenium HVP Chelate)/Sélénium (chélaté de PVH) - 30 mcg

Non-Medicinal Ingredients

Sunflower lecithin, cold pressed extra virgin olive oil, beeswax

Capsule Ingredients

Gelatin (halal-certified). glycerin, purified water, chlorophyll.

Suggested Use (adult dosage)

Take one (1) softgel daily, with food, or as directed by your healthcare practitioner. Take a few hours before or after taking other medications.


Contains vitamin K: If you are taking blood thinners, consult a health care practitioner prior to use.


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