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All Natural Bee Pollen - 500 g

All Natural Bee Pollen

Size: 500 g


Bee pollen benefits have been used for improving health and wellness since ancient times and were well known to the Egyptians, Romans, and Greeks! For centuries bee pollen has been consumed by many cultures not only for its numerous therapeutic properties in treating disease but as a significant source of nourishment. It’s highly nutritious whole-food nature has earned it a ‘super-food’ status along with titles like “Food of the gods”. Bee pollen is one of the most nutritious foods on the planet! It is a highly concentrated package of all the essential nutritional components that you need to live! Hippocrates (460 – 377 B.C.), the first physician to concentrate on preventing disease as well as treating it, wrote of the benefits of bee pollen. Western trained doctors in Europe have, over the last century, prescribed bee pollen to treat bacterial and viral infections, along with colds and flues (due to its antibiotic properties). More recently, physicians and scientist’s world wide have begun taking a much closer look at bee pollen benefits in treating a wide range of medical conditions. Bee pollen benefits are substantial. It's no surprise that bee pollen capsules have grown in popularity. We want to focus primarily on bee pollen side effects and guidelines here so if you'd like more information on the benefits of bee pollen, please read our bee pollen benefits web page within this site. Briefly, however, some of the core benefits of bee pollen are: It increases the sex drive in both men and women. It holds off the ravages of age and is anti-carcinogenic. It increases energy levels. Bee pollen and weight loss should also be mentioned as it helps to increase the metabolism, spurring weight loss (this is due to the lecithin in the bee pollen). You could literally live off of raw bee pollen in an emergency as it has every vitamin, mineral, amino acid, and enzyme known to man. ...and there are actually more...for this list is by no means comprehensive. Specific Side Effects of Bee Pollen So, what are the bee pollen side effects we need to be aware of? What are the guidelines you need to know about this nutritional supplement? You should know that there is potential for serious reactions as at least 5% of Americans are allergic to ragweed pollen. In turn, bee pollen has pollen from ragweed or plants that cross-react with ragweed, like chrysanthemums, dandelions, and sunflowers. Some side effects are allergic reactions like itchy throat, wheezing, coughing, hives, and skin flushing. All these are characteristic responses of bee product. If any of these responses happen to you upon taking bee pollen, discontinue its usage immediately and consult your doctor. It is wise to see your doctor before starting any new supplement regime and we advise accordingly.

Bee pollen

Suggested Use
1-3 tablespoons daily before meals. Start with 2-3 granules and gradually increase.

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