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100% Pure Canadian Beeswax Block
100% Pure Canadian Beeswax Tea Light Candles
Bee Pollen - 500mg
Bee Propolis - 500mg
Beeswax Body Butter Body Cream
Beeswax Body Butter Body Cream
Face & Body Cream Moisturizer
Face & Body Cream Moisturizer
Hot Honey
Dutchman's Gold Hot Honey
$10.29 / 500g
Mint Honey & Propolis Throat Spray
Premium Canadian Bee PollenPremium Canadian Bee Pollen
Propolis Gummies
Dutchman's Gold Propolis Gummies
$20.99 / 60 gummies
Propolis Immunity Spray
Pure Bee PollenPure Bee Pollen
Pure Bee Pollen
Pure Bee Pollen
Pure Natural Comb Honey
Royal Jelly
Dutchman's Gold Royal Jelly
$35.29 / 90vcaps
Total Hive Trio
Dutchman's Gold Total Hive Trio
$26.39 / 120 caps
Unscented Salve with Propolis

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