Crate 61 Organics
Vanilla Orange Soap - 110g

Vanilla Orange Soap

Size: 110g


Crate 61 Organics Vanilla Orange Soap has a distinct tropical aroma that is achieved by fusing a perfect balance of two ultra sweet essential oils: vanilla essential oil, and sweet orange essential oil. This soap creates an equally bubbly and fluffy lather that will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth while also sending your mind to a tropical destination with its luscious aroma! Features: Fantastic body bar Mildly exfoliating due to orange peel flakes present in this soap


Saponified: Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Palm Oil, Coconut Oil, Almond Oil, Vanilla essential oil, Sweet Orange essential oil, Orange Peels.

Suggested Use

A great lathering soap with a beautiful aroma; great for that relaxing bath or shower.

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