Reusable Paper Towels Tub & Tile

Size: 10 pack


The Original 100% Biodegradable Reusable Paper Towels to replace using a paper towel that you use once and throw away. Now you can use these handy reusable paper towels over and over again, just rinse and use again. Product Features: •product comes in three colours (blue, green or yellow) so that you can use a particular colour for a particular task in order to avoid cross contamination of germs in your home or business. •more economical than traditional paper towels since 1 resusable paper towel is equal to up to 15 rolls of paper towels. •out performs normal paper towels due to its strength (like a thin sponge in texture). •100% biodegradable in 12 weeks in active microbial soil. •made from cellulose. •machine washable up to 300 times. Just wash them and reuse over and over again. •top drawer dishwasher safe. •absorbs 20x its weight. •can sterilize by boiling for 10 minutes before first use. •measures 8 x 7 inches or 200 x 180 mm. •10 reusable paper towels in the package. Works out to be a $1 per towel. •package is resealable for easy storage. •use in the kitchen, bathroom, grills, cars and so much more...unlimited uses. •made in Canada.

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