Static Eliminator
Reusable Dryer Sheets - 2 pack

Reusable Dryer Sheets

Size: 2 pack


No one likes static electricity in their clothes. Laundry that comes out of the dryer has a static charge that creates an uncomfortable, prickly feeling. Consumers have traditionally used the convenience of disposable, chemical based dryer sheets. Until recently, most consumers were unaware that these sheets contain a long list of chemicals and these chemicals leave a residue on both the dryer and the clothes. This re-usable dryer sheet system is a patented product that goes to work in the dryer to eliminate static cling for hundreds of loads, without any chemicals. These dryer sheets leave no residues that can damage delicate fabrics, ruin new towels and clog the vents of your dryer, making your dryer work harder and use more energy. This product is perfect for new dryers with no chemical build up, but they will even work with older, clogged dryers after three or four loads. The sheets are made of 99% Polyester & 1% Nylon.

99% Polyester & 1% Nylon.

Suggested Use
DIRECTIONS: Place both Static Eliminator Dryer Sheets in the dryer with your clothes. Dry normally at any heat setting. When you remove your clothes, simply leave the dryer sheets in the dryer for your next load! Since chemical based sheets leave a residue in your dryer, it may be necessary to use your dryer sheets 3 or 4 times before maximum effectiveness. If any static remains on your clothes, rub quickly with a dryer sheet before folding. Mix synthetic fabrics with cottons in dryer for best results. Wash the dryer sheets after the first 3 uses, then every 3 months to maintain optimum performance.

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