Power Booster Stick - 1 stick

Power Booster Stick

Size: 1 stick


The Power Stick is crafted for everyday use, giving you and your family the freedom of alkaline water on the go. By combining a unique mineral formula with a universal-fit design, Santevia’s Power Stick creates sustainable, mineralized alkaline water for active households.
Ideal for families who want a natural, pre-activity boost of energy.

  • Boost pH and alkalinity to make true alkaline water
  • Infuse water with hydrogen, an effective antioxidant
  • Water tastes smooth and fresh, like it’s from a pristine mountain spring
  • Infuse water with calcium, magnesium and other healthy minerals
  • Reduce chlorine
  • Manufactured sustainably in Vancouver, Canada
  • Eliminate 360 single-use plastic bottles from entering landfills*
  • Each purchase supports life-changing water projects and children’s education worldwide

*Based on 500 ml water bottles and the Power Stick’s 180 litre/3 month filter life, water bottles sold separately.

Product Specification

  • Filter Life: 3 months (180 L or 48 GAL)
  • Filter Reminder:
  • Material: Food-grade stainless steel
  • Box Dimensions:
    • cm: 4 L x 4 W x 16 H
    • in: 2 L x 2 W x 6 H

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