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Organic Sprouted Aamaranth - 454 g

Organic Sprouted Aamaranth

Size: 454 g


Sprouted amaranth has a soft, creamy texture and an earthy flavour that lends to both sweet and savoury dishes. Sprouting amaranth decreases cook time, improves digestibility and enhances its flavour.

Organic Sprouted Amaranth is naturally gluten free, with a fluffy texture and earthy taste. It’s an excellent source of protein and contains all 9 essential amino acids, making it a complete protein. This small but mighty seed is also a good source of iron and fibre. Cultivated for more than 8,000 years, amaranth was both a staple and ritual food for the Aztecs. It is a cousin to quinoa, spinach and beets – think of it as the earthy taste of beets with a texture like mini quinoa.

Sprouting amaranth aids in digestibility, reduces cook time, and enhances its taste and texture. Cooking sprouted amaranth is very easy, simply boil in water or broth.

Amaranth is delightful as a base for grain bowls, side dishes and patties, or as a topper for green salads. Because of its earthy taste, it pairs well with root vegetables and dark leafy greens. If you cook it a little longer it becomes a creamy (not mushy!) porridge, try adding other warm, earthy flavours like cinnamon and nut butter. You can also incorporate cooked amaranth into your muffins and quick breads for added flavour and texture. Swap 1:1 for unsprouted amaranth, or use in place of quinoa or rice.

Ingredients: Organic Sprouted Amaranth

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