Iron Vital F Fruit Flavour - 500 mL

Iron Vital F Fruit Flavour

Size: 500 mL


New Improved Flavor Liquid Supplement for Increased Iron Needs New Easy to Open Cap! Non-Constipating Vegetarian Formula Free of Alcohol, Yeast, Gluten and Lactose No Preservatives 100% Pure Fruit Flavor with Vitamins C + B Produced in Accordance with German Good Manufacturing Practices - German GMP Standards IronVitalF helps fulfill your daily requirement for iron and contains iron in bivalent form. The combination of vitamin C in IronVitalF helps the iron to be absorbed readily by the human body, while the B vitamins enhance the effects of the iron.

Medicinal Ingredients Each Softgel Contains:

Elemental Calcium (from Calcium Citrate) 41 mg Elemental Silicon (from Silicon Dioxide) 40.6 mg Elemental Magnesium (from Magnesium Citrate) 21.3 mg Biotin 250 mcg Vitamin D (from Cholecalciferol) 8.325 mcg

Non-medical Ingredients:

Safflower Oil, Lecithin, Yellow Beeswax, Gelatin, Glycerin, Water

Suggested Use
Shake well before use. The total daily dose can be taken at one time or divided in half and taken twice spread throughout the day about 1 hour before meals and without any other supplements or medications. Use the calibrated measuring spoon as provided to obtain an accurate dosage. Do not drink directly from the bottle. Discard any remaining product 4 weeks after opening.

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