Triple Leaf Tea
Green Tea Decaf - 20 bags

Green Tea Decaf

Size: 20 bags


DECAF GREEN TEA 100% NATURALLY DECAFFEINATED GREEN TEA Using a Decaf Process to Maintain Antioxidants* Beneficial Everyday Tea – Anytime of Day – Delicious Hot or Iced NATURALLY DECAFFEINATED GREEN TEA Now you can enjoy the benefits of green tea without the caffeine! Drink Triple Leaf Decaf Green Tea as often as you like anytime of day. Experts recommend drinking three or more cups of green tea a day. Triple Leaf Decaf Green Tea is naturally decaffeinated using a carbon dioxide process that maintains green tea’s beneficial antioxidants.* Carbon dioxide occurs naturally in air. It gives carbonated mineral waters their fizz! Triple Leaf Decaf Green Tea has a pleasing mild flavor, without the bitterness associated with some green teas. It is delicious hot or iced. Enjoy it as is, or try adding lemon and your favorite sweetener. Gain all of its benefits by drinking green tea every day — just as Asian people do!

Naturally decaffeinated green tea leaf. Used oxygen bleached tea bags. Boxes are made from recycled paperboard and biodegradable inks.

Suggested Use
Experts recommend drinking three or more cups of green tea a day. For additional support, drink any of Triple Leaf Tea’s Green, Jasmine Green, Decaf Green, White, Oolong, or Cholesterid–Pu-erh Teas. Brewing Directions: HOT TEA: Pour 1 cup of boiling water over a tea bag. Let steep 3-5 minutes, Remove the tea bag, squeeze gently into cup. ICED TEA: Pour 1 cup of boiling water over 2 lea bags. Let sleep 3.5 minutes. Remove the tea bags, squeeze gently, then add ice.. To extract more of tea’s benefits, steep 5 minutes. For a delicious change, try it with lemon and honey, or your favorite sweetener.

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