Gluten Free Frollini Biscuit

Size: 200 g


Like a precious golden coin, Frollino rolls accross the breakfast table. But instead of heads or tails it's always: sunrise! With their delicate honey note, Schär's Frollini will carry you off directly into the sweetness of an Italian summer's morning. Take a bite and find out why these lactose free biscuits are adorned with a sunrise because of their golden taste, of course!


Corn flour rice flour potato starch sugar vegetable oils and fats in varying proportion (high oleic sunflower oil, cocoa butter, shea butter) egg honey modified corn starch rice starch sunflower lecithin lemon juice sunflower and rapeseed mono- and diglycerides leavening agent baking soda salt maltodextrine sugar beet syrup caramel syrup natural flavoring 

Contains: Egg, Shea. May Contain: soy, lupine and tree nuts.

Suggested Use

They are always a true delight, in the twilight with its heavenly colour feast, or - even better - at breakfast, dipped into tea, coffee or hot chocolate.

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