Ener C
Electrolyte Drink Mix - Berry - 154.35 g

Electrolyte Drink Mix - Berry

Size: 154.35 g


One box of Ener-C Sport drink mix, 12 packets: Ener-C Sport is a lightly flavoured drink mix for rehydration and muscle recovery. Packaged in convenient single serving packets, Sport provides healthy and effective hydration on-the-go. Throw some in your full-sized water bottle and get the benefits of natural, caffeine free energy before, during and after your workout, and whenever you are feeling dehydrated.


Vitamin C (calcium ascorbate, zinc ascorbate) 250 mg 420%, Calcium (calcium ascorbate, calcium citrate) 50 mg 6%, Magnesium (citrate) 50 mg 10%, Zinc (ascorbate) 5 mg 35%, Selenium (citrate) 5 mcg 8%, Chromium (ascorbate) 20 mcg 15%, Chloride (sodium chloride, potassium chloride) 293 mg 9%, Sodium 125 mg 6%, Potassium (potassium chloride) 110 g 4%, Citric Acid 580 mg, Glucose 800 mg

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