Dark Brown Root Retouch - 45 mL

Dark Brown Root Retouch

Size: 45 mL


Protect your shoulders with a towel to prevent accidental staining of your clothes. You may also wish to protect the immediate surrounding area, especially any carpets or fabric, as permanent staining may occur if colour mixture is accidentally spilt. Put on the gloves provided and keep them on during the whole colouring process. Unscrew the caps of both the Colourant (1) and Developer (2) and pour or squeeze out the total contents into the mixing bowl. Mix using the applicator brush for 2 minutes until totally blended. To continue to care for and protect your hair, use Naturtint’s full range of aftercare and styling products which have been specifically developed for coloured hair. Apply the mixture to your roots using the applicator brush, ensuring the hair is completely covered. Do not massage the product through the rest of hair. Leave the mixture to develop for 10 minutes (20 minutes if you have stubborn grey). Once you have reached your desired development time, using gloved hands, gently massage your hair whilst thoroughly rinsing it with warm water until the water runs clear. Cleanse your hair with your regular shampoo to ensure all hair colour is removed, then gently squeeze excess moisture from your hair. Then apply Naturtint® Protective Conditioner to help detangle your hair, add strength and boost shine. Gently massage through from the roots to the tips. Leave for 2-5 minutes then rinse thoroughly. Dry and style as normal!


  • 100% Grey Coverage.
  • Not Suitable For Copper Shades.
  • 4 Shades Available That Blend Seamlessly With Your Existing Colour.
  • Suitable For Root Application On Hair That Has Been Previously Coloured With Naturtint® 8n, 8g, 9n Or 10n.

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