Coconut Raw Vegan Paleo Protein - 840 g

Coconut Raw Vegan Paleo Protein

Size: 840 g


Schinoussa Raw Vegan Protein is a blend of the best plant based protein available. This great tasting protein drink mix helps achieve your health goals!

Fermented proteins are easily digested and absorbed so maximum nutritional benefits are met. Enjoy in a shake or smoothie. Also, try in baked goods like muffins or cookies for fun health!

A complete amino acid profile plant protein, designed to assist a vegan in achieving higher protein in the diet. The 3 phase proteins are able to achieve a complete amino profile and the brown rice protein is isolated so the remainder of the rice is not included. 


  • Clean label ingredients
  • Organic fermented pea protein
  • Organic fermented brown rice protein
  • Organic hemp
  • Natural flavour
  • Non-bitter stevia

Ingredients: Organic Fermented Pea, Organic Fermented Brown Rice, Organic Hemp, Coconut Flavour, Stevia


  • Adult: Take 1 scoop (30g) one time per day of protein to 310mL of your favourite beverage. Stir with a spoon and drink. Vary the amount of liquid to establish your preferred taste and texture. 

Storage: Keep in a cool, dry place, keep out of reach of children. 

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