Bambu Swiss Coffee Substitute

Size: 100 g


Bambu Organic coffee substitute is an alternative to coffee, made from fruits and cereals. Ideal for people suffering from nervousness or sleeplessness. Bambu® is prepared from grown roasted fruit and cereal. Bambu® is a delicious alternative to coffee. Real coffee can contain contaminants like pesticide residues. Pesticides and herbicides are commonly sprayed on coffee bean fields. Bambu® gives you the satisfying taste of coffee without the caffeine or the contaminants. Made in Switzerland from chicory, figs, wheat, malted barley and acorns, Bambu® delivers a velvety smooth flavour in an easy to use instant form.

Rye, chicory, barley, malted barley, figs, acorns. Contains gluten.

Suggested Use
Dissolve one teaspoon in a cup of hot water or milk to provide an instant hot drink. For a cold drink, mix a teaspoon of Bambu with a little hot water to dissolve, then add cold water, ice or milk.

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