Kids Ddrops - 400IU

Size: 60 drops


Kids Ddrops™ is a liquid vitamin D designed specifically for children 2 years and older. Only 1 drop is required to provide the full daily dose, making it a convenient and easy way to give the Vitamin D that your child requires NEW Kids Ddrops™ is a liquid Vitamin D supplement containing 400 IU of Vitamin D3 in just one drop. Kids Ddrops™ is specifically designed for children over the age of 2 who consume less than 1 litre of fortified milk daily Kids Ddrops™ is convenient for both the parents and children. Just 1 drop provides the full daily dose. Parents will find it easy to give Kids Ddrops™ to their children, and children will find it easy to take. It is designed to be licked off any clean surface such as the back of a washed hand or a spoon. It can also be dropped onto food or into liquids.

Ddrops® medicinal ingredient: Each drop contains vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) 1000 IU (25mcg). The vitamin D3 in Ddrops® products is naturally sourced from lanolin. Although lanolin comes from sheep wool, the animal is not harmed. Ddrops® is classified as a vegetarian product for ‘lacto-ovo’ vegetarian use.

Ddrops® non-medicinal ingredient: Fractionated Coconut Oil

Suggested Use
Kids Ddrops™ 400 IU is a simple, safe, and fun way for toddlers and children to receive the recommended amount (400 IU) of vitamin D. Just one purified drop of Kids Ddrops™ contains 400 IU of vitamin D3, without any other chemicals, or additives. It is tasteless and can be licked off a clean surface (i.e. a spoon) or dropped onto food. Kids Ddrops™ 400 IU responds to the need to help children maintain vitamin D levels to support growth and good health.

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