Pure Tea Tree Essential Oil - 50ml

Pure Tea Tree Essential Oil

Size: 50ml


Tea Tree essential oil has a very distinct scent, with woody camphoraceous notes at its centre. In aromatherapy or for use in a diffuser, Tea Tre pairs well with essential oils like Geranium, Cinnamon Bark, Rosewood, Lavender, and Clary Sage. Tea Tree essential oil is also unique in that it is one of the few EO's that can be applied to the skin without dilution, at a maximum of 3 drops. Long prized for its antibacterial properties, it is helpful as a topical aide for issues like spot treating acne, or added to shampoo/conditioner as a scalp treatment for dry/itchy/irritated scalps.


Tea Tree Essential Oil

Suggested Use

Cautions: Do not ingest; avoid irritable areas such as the mouth, eyes, and nasal passages. Dilute if necessary due to skin irritation. Do not use on animals; TeaTree EO is toxic to cats.

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