Pure Tangerine Essential Oil - 50ml

Pure Tangerine Essential Oil

Size: 50ml


Tangerine essential oil is fresh and sweet, smelling much like Mandarin or Sweet orange, but lighter and sweeter. Its refreshing citrusy scent blends beautifully with essential oils like Basil, Neroli, Nutmeg, and Clove. Tangerine essential oil is perfect for diffusing, or even added to perfumes, homemade soaps or candles, or as part of a natural housecleaning solution.


Tangerine Essential Oil

Suggested Use

Cautions: Do not use topically unless diluted with an appropriate carrier oil. Tangerine essential oil is phototoxic and should not be applied prior to sun exposure. If using as a topical treatment while indoors or overnight, be sure to remove prior to sun exposure and take care to use sunblock to avoid any potential skin damage.

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