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Turmeric Moringa - 30 g

Turmeric Moringa

Size: 30 g


A signature curation of the healthiest spices and botanicals, this tea is the ultimate detox that aids weight management and flushes the body with essential antioxidants. A refreshing green blend with yellowish and white hues, owing to the vibrant sun-dried turmeric bits, white-ginger bits, and finely cut moringa leaf. The dry blend has an alluring aroma of fresh-cut grass coupled with the strong earthy whiffs of turmeric. The brisk, well-rounded liquor has a soothing pale yellow color, enthused with balance notes of Moringa and spices. The liquor has a soft attack, followed by an abundance of fresh, herbaceous notes of Moringa in the middle. The spicy and pungent undertones of turmeric, black pepper, and white ginger uplift the entire cup and travel to the finish. A splendid cup of health and flavour!

Usage: Brew Hot or Cold


  • 200ml/70z Freshly Boiled Water
  • Brew 1 Tea Bag for 3-5 Mins
  • Add Sweetener as Per Taste
  • Enjoy


  • 200ml/7oz Freshly Boiled Water
  • Brew 2 Tea Bags for 3-4 Hours
  • Add Sweetener as Per Taste
  • Refrigerate for 3-4 Hours
  • Add Ice Cubes to Chill. Enjoy.

Ingredients: Turmeric [65%], Moringa [15%], Ginger [10%], Black Pepper [10%]

Allergen Information: Made in a facility that processes nuts. 

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