Small Joint Compress

Size: 1 pack


Oja Regular Joint Castor Oil Pack provides comprehensive detoxification and balance to your body. The Castor Oil in the Pack is organic and hexane free, and the compresses are flannel inside a 100% organic cotton pack. Everything is free of pesticides, dyes, and additives, keeping everything as clean as possible and making it able to reduce the toxic load in your body more ably. Some of the benefits may include: Gentle detoxification of the body and enhancement of liver function Boosting immunity Regulating bowel movements Improving hormonal balance Reducing stress and helping you relax Improving hair growth Acts as an anti-inflammatory in joints, muscles, and other tissue. Providing pain relief Reducing the look of scars For best use, follow the directions on the pack.

Flannel inside of a 100% organic cotton pack

Suggested Use
Soak the flannel insert in your glass container with castor oil (enough to saturate the cloth but not dripping). Place a towel underneath where you’ll be resting and put on clothes you wouldn’t mind being stained. Lie down, get comfortable and place castor oil pack directly on the affected area (liver, stomach, uterus, etc.) Cover castor oil pack with plastic to protect your clothes from stains. Place heating pad or hot water bottle over plastic and castor oil pack. Rest and Relax. Try to get comfortable. You want to keep the pack on for min 45 min to an hour and half while catching up on some reading, or watching a movie. Once time is up, remove the flannel insert and wash with water and a little baking soda or soap. Store the OJA organic castor oil compress in a glass container and put in the fridge so that you can use it again. Once you notice ANY discoloration wash the compress or replace.

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