Second Spring
Organic Sprouted Pancake Mix - 300 g

Organic Sprouted Pancake Mix

Size: 300 g


Second Spring sprouted whole grain pancakes are a great way to start your morning! They are fluffy, filling, and have just the right amount of sweetness. Made with sprouted whole grain flours and only 2g of sugar per serving. Top with maple syrup, fresh fruit or your favourite kind of nut/seed butter. Vegan alterations are available on the back of the package.

Organic sprouted whole grain pancake mix is a nutritious blend of sprouted whole grain wheat flour, sprouted whole grain oat flour, sprouted buckwheat flour and sprouted flax powder. As always, our sprouted pancake mix contains only real ingredients, that means no gums, thickeners, artificial flavours or preservatives. Just wholesome, whole grain goodness to start any morning off right!

Simple step-by-step instructions will have a stack of fluffy sprouted grain pancakes on the table in just 30 minutes or less. One box makes 12 pancakes.

You will need: milk, eggs, oil and lemon juice. For a vegan pancakes, substitute non-dairy milk and flax eggs (flax powder and water).



Organic sprouted flour blend (sprouted whole grain wheat flour, sprouted whole grain oat flour, sprouted buckwheat flour, sprouted flax powder), organic cane sugar, organic baking powder, organic cinnamon, sea salt

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